SamaN Seal, Stain and Varnish

  • SamaN interior stain that seals, stains & varnishes (SSV) in one easy step. Use on all interior bare wood, stained or finished surfaces such as fine furniture, cabinet, moulding, craft and doors. The SamaN Oil based stain is non-toxic, virtually odourless, fast drying and brings out the richness and vividness of fine wood. With the right method and the appropriate wood stain, you can, without having to strip the wood, give your already finished woodworks, wood furniture and kitchen cupboards a second life.
    1. Eco Friendly
    2. Oil-based formula
    3. Odourless
    4. Dries fast
    5. Low VOC product
    6. Water clean up
    1. SamaN Seal, Stain and Varnish